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Business Suits for the most Discerning


At Gill Tailor, we excel in creating your bespoke clothing your way. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, every aspect is meticulously tailored to your exact preferences. Each garment is personalized down to the very last detail. Our team of experts at Gill Tailor works hand in hand with you, offering their expertise in fabric selection, styling, and more, ensuring a truly exceptional and customized experience.

Indulge in the ultimate jacket customization experience, featuring personalized name embroidery, a wide range of contrasting pattern linings to choose from, and a flawless fit meticulously crafted to match your individual taste and style.

With our precise measurements, the suit will fit you like a glove, seamlessly tailored to your body, while offering the option to switch from single breasted to double breasted, select button count and lapel style, and exquisite hand stitching.

Gill Tailors excels in bespoke tailoring, meticulously handcrafting suits in the traditional Shanghainese style. Every detail is carefully considered, from functional cuff buttons to high-quality lining and hand stitching, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship.

At Gill Tailors, our skilled team hand cuts and crafts each piece in our Kowloon workshop. Specializing in suits and shirts, we create bespoke garments that enhance your body type and style, showcasing unique craftsmanship and attention to detail

Your Design, We deliver

Providing you with maximum level of comfort & confidence in every suit!

The process of creating a bespoke suit

It only takes few easy steps to create your own bespoke suit at Gill Tailor. We take great pride in assisting you in every step, ensuring that each aspect of your suit is tailored to your preferences and specifications, resulting in a truly unique and exceptional garment

Our Tailoring Line

Gill tailor provide you professional bespoke tailoring services of suits, shirts, jackets, pants, topcoats and wedding suits.

how to measure


How to take your own

Finishing Clothing

The Latest Styles & Trends

From shirts to formal wear we customize everything imaginable!